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We offer several services to our customers to help their banking experiences be as smooth and convenient as possible. If you have any questions or cannot find what you're looking for, please contact us and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Telephone Banking

Enjoy the convenience of banking from the comfort of your home, the privacy of your office or the distance of a vacation spot – with Harleysville Bank's ACCESS 24 telephone banking. Secure and easy to navigate, it allows you to access your accounts anytime, anywhere – free!

Here's what you can do over the telephone:

  • Check account balances
  • Review recent account activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Review loan payment, escrow and interest information

Apply for telephone banking at any of our branches:

  • Our customer service representative will give you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for initial access to our telephone service.
  • By the end of the next business day, you will be able to phone in to ACCESS 24 and select the PIN of your choosing.
  • (For security reasons, do not use a portion of your social security number, address or phone number or record your PIN number. It should be known only to you.)
  • Simply call 215-513-0825 (long distance 888-256-8828) from a touch-tone phone and follow the easy prompts!
  • Press "*" at any time while in our telephone banking system to return to a previous menu, and follow the prompts again. Press "0" and a Harleysville Bank representative will answer between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Or call us at 215-256-8828 or 800-243-8700 during our business hours, and our friendly and courteous staff will be happy to assist you.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows for the secure, timely deposit of your pay, retirement income, dividends and annuity payments electronically into your Harleysville Bank account. This paperless method eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen checks, as well as the wait time for checks to clear. With direct deposit, there's no more standing in line at bank branches or visiting ATMs to make your deposits, and funds are available immediately.

Before you authorize another party to automatically transact business in you checking account, please supply them with your ten digit account number. This number can be found on the bottom line on the front of your checks.

The bank's routing and transit number is 231372361. Call or stop by any branch for assistance with setting up direct deposit.

Gift Cards

The MasterCard Gift Card makes gift giving easy! It's an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings and all your gift-giving occasions. The recipient can use the card to buy what they want, when they want.

MasterCard Gift Cards are:

  • welcomed worldwide at millions of locations where MasterCard debit cards are accepted, including retail stores, online merchants, and mail and phone orders.
  • safer than cash as they can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • covered by the protection and security features you've come to expect from MasterCard.

Purchasers or gift recipients can use the card as many times as they like up to the valid thru date and to the amount stored on the card. No monthly fee is assessed as long as the card is used within twelve months. After that, a monthly fee of $4.95 will be deducted from the card's stored value. As the card is used, the amount of each purchase is automatically deducted from the card's available balance.

MasterCard Gift Cards can be purchased in dollar amounts from $10 to $750. There is a nominal processing fee of $3.50 per card.

Stop by any local Harleysville Bank branch to purchase your MasterCard Gift Cards.

Reorder Checks

You may reorder checks online.

Lost Debit Card

To report a lost or stolen card, please call 1 (800) 528-2273.

Routing Number

The bank's routing and transit number is 231372361.

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